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About MG Reassure

Introducing MG Reassure - A certified pre-loved car program to give end-to-end solutions to the existing MG users and customers looking to buy pre-loved MG vehicles. The mission of this program is to give its customers an extremely delightful, transparent and convenient buying and selling experience. The program would Reassure existing customers with a better resale value and on the other hand prospective buyers, a one-stop solution for their pre-loved car buying journey.

Under this program, customers looking to buy a pre-loved MG Hector would get the industry's best assurance of quality and trust. All the vehicles sold under this program would undergo a rigorous quality check on more than 160 points before being called a “Certified Pre Loved Car”. This would be done to ensure the quality of the vehicles meets the expectations of the brand.

The aim of MG Reassure is to provide a quick and best residual value for non-accidental MG cars, refurbished with genuine MG spare parts and maintained by MG authorized dealerships.

MG Reassure Benefits

Buyer Advantage

  • 160+ Quality Checks
  • Minimum 3 years unlimited km warranty
  • Minimum 3 years roadside assistance
  • Minimum 3 labour-free services
  • Complete Service History Available

Seller Advantage

  • No middleman, sell directly to your chosen Dealer
  • Free of cost doorstep evaluation of your current car
  • Transparent and Fair Pricing offered post evaluation
  • Get Paid in one single go
  • No cost involved to sell your car on Reassure platform

Become a part of MG family

A million speeding lines, a 94-year-old legacy, a lookout for the future, our fingers on the pulse of innovation, poetic particles in constant motion, we are shapeshifting and transforming constantly. We have broken land speed records, we are a British fashion icon but also pop culture’s best mate. There’s just no staying idle for us. The greatest thing we did yesterday is so yesterday. And we’ll be damned, if we can’t speed away from it just like a flash of blinding light, speeding and transforming. Because while we believe that what we are today is great, we know, tomorrow will be greater.

We’re MG. Welcome to the world of motoring.

The Evolved Internet SUV

Converse with your MG via the i-SMART Chit-Chat feature

More than 35+ Hinglish voice commands

Put your best foot forword for the SMART SWIPE feature

The all new Dual Exteriors

Aye Aye Captain!

What do our Customers say about us

Rakesh Barotia, (Chandigarh)

MG Hector is a very comfortable and safe car. Features like a 360 degree camera, panoramic sunroof makes it even more stylish and classier. Itravel a lot in it and it gives a great mileage on road. The car never disappoints!

Vishar Jindal, (Dehradun)

I bought the Hector a year ago and the journey has been fantastic. The drive feel and performance of the car are excellent. A quick and cooperative serivce team makes the MG experience even better.

Rajeev Mittal, (Haryana)

At first, I wanted to buy Seltos but once i did some research and compared the tow, I found the Hector was a much better choice in terms of looks and features. I'm impressed with the Hector!

Rajesh Thapliyal, (Dehradun)

I love the powerful 2000CC diesel engine of my Hector. Even the MG service team is very helpful and works on the car with utmost safety.

Parag Badhe, (Raipur)

I have always prefered Hector over my other car, Mercedes E class, for long drives.The engine performance is impressive and makes the drive pleasurable.

Sachien Kawale, (Pune)

Hector makes you feel very relaxed and comfortable even after a long journey of 800KM. I have driven mor than 7,000KM and it has been an incredible experience till now.

Dalton D'Souza, (Karnataka)

I am glad that i chose MG. I had seltos and harrier on my list too but hector caught my eye with its beauty and features!

Vinay HP, (Bangalore)

I've driven my Hector DCT for 8000KM over the past year on all types of roads adn I've been amazed with its performance so far. For a car of this power and size, the mileage is amazing!

Kunal Saurabh, (Bangalore)

I chose Hector over KIA the day i took the MG test drive. The team really helped me understand every feature and the processes properly. I aslo loved the build quality and performance of the Hector.

Ali Azhar, (Ranchi)

The MG team is very resposive and helpful. I have used Toyota Fortuner previously. But the service cost is much lower here. Even the comfort of Hector is beyond Expectations.

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